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Online Saxophone Education

Learn how to play the saxophone or Improve your playing skills and give yourself the confidence you need on the saxophone to play and enjoy music! Welcome to the Velvet Sax Vibes online education workshops. Here you can learn how to play the saxophone online and progress at your own pace.

From online workshops to private lessons and video tips, Saxophone Workshop has a mission to serve those who seek understanding and development with the saxophone. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner player, an intermediate player or an advance musician - there is something here for everyone to gain saxophone knowledge!

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Hey There Saxophone Friends!

Hi there, I am Tyler j Spencer, a person who loves to play the saxophone. Playing the saxophone has taken me all over the world to places like Germany, Switzerland, and Canada. I have played at Disneyland, SeaWorld and many jazz festivals throughout California. For me, learning to play the saxophone has been a journey that has taken me to the recording studio, live stage, amazing venues and it has put me in touch with some really cool people. Learning the saxophone was the best thing for me and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you!

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