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Why Listening to Other Saxophonists Can Help Improve Your Sound

Do you play the saxophone becuase you heard another saxophone artist on your radio or music app that you like and you thought to yourself, "I would ike to sound like that person"

Playing the saxophone puts you in a special group of people who can and do play the saxophone. Additionally, learning what you enjoy includes listening to every style, every artist and every person you can so you can here the different styles. The first Saxophone was created in the mid 1800's.

Taking you back to the beginning...In 1846, Adolph Saxophone submitted a patent for the first Saxophone. For the next 177 years, people have been playing the saxophone at all levels and at all ages. Professional Saxophone players have influenced musicians from the early 1900s in Europe to the roaring 20's in the United States and into the bebop era, big band, Dixieland, west coast, east coast, New York style, LA style, Ska, Rock & Pop, Blues...and any other style you can think of that the saxophone can play.

The saxophone has a specific sound, a specific notation and has been known to be in the front lines of some of the most popular songs that people here on apple music, Spotify, the radio, TV, and movies. This could be why some people want to learn the instrument, this could be why people enjoy listening to the saxophone, this could be why you are reading this article. We encourage you to research and find a saxophonist or band that has a saxophone or band that has a sax line in it.

You can take this one step further and take your instrument out and play along with the line that you enjoy. Huey Lewis and the News, Billy Joel, Dave Mathews Band, Reel Big Fish, Glenn Miller, Charlie Parker, David Sanborn, Joshua Redmond, Kenny G...whatever your poison is, just take your instrument out and play along....but listen as you play along. Play with the intent to listen and learn to the style, the key the instrumentation and play the song like you were on stage with the band. Playing and listening to what you like will encourage you to continue to play the saxophone and promote creativity in your playing.

What is your favorite saxophone artist to listen to?

Leave your answer in the comments below.


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