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Bite Like a Professional - Saxophone Mouthpiece Techniques and More!

Are you caught in the the age old, never ending debate about mouthpiece? What is the best mouthpiece to play on metal or hard rubber? If you are interested in playing the saxophone in a jazz or rock band, you will undoubtedly hear debates or conversations around the cosmetic make up of your mouthpiece. Which really comes down to a personal preference and both mouthpieces have their advantages.

Bonus Video

Watch the video below about how to Bite like a Pro on the saxophone mouthpiece

Metal mouthpieces are usually skinnier, some saxophonists like this smaller mouthpiece to hold in their mouth when they are playing. Metal mouthpieces are more durable and won’t break if they are mishandled. The metal saxophone mouthpiece will cut through the air and be pronounced loudly, making it perfect for playing in an outdoor setting or alongside amplified instruments. The saxophone that has a metal mouthpiece in a band will stand out as a louder sound, thus why the metal mouthpiece is often preferred in a Marching Band when you are playing with 80 or more other instrumentalists playing outside and playing in a Rock Band when a saxophone is fighting for musical space with amplified guitars and a full drum kit.

Rubber mouthpieces on the other hand are a little wider and take up more real estate inside your mouth when you play them. Even though a hard rubber mouthpiece feels durable and solid, they will break or hip if they are dropped on a hard surface. A hard rubber mouthpiece will not cut through the air like a metal one, however they are great for concert bands, acoustic bands and small ensembles due to their mellow sound in regards to volume level. It has been said that playing on a rubber mouthpiece is easier to control, takes less work and won’t squeak as easily.

It is true that the material that makes up your mouthpiece does not determine how well you sound playing the saxophone. It is the player of the instrument, the strength of their embouchure and the quality of their air flow. It is a myth that if you get a metal mouthpiece it will automatically make you sound like an incredible horn player. You can make a saxophone sound great playing on a hard rubber mouthpiece or a metal mouthpiece.

What type of mouthpiece do you play on?

Leave your response in the comment section below.


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