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Saxophone Cleaning Tips - Ways to Maintain Your Instrument After Playing

When you are done practicing or playing a live concert, do you put your horn away without cleaning it? Maybe you have intentions to clean it later, but then never get around to it?

To neglect your instrument from cleanliness would be like not changing the oil in your automobile. It is the musicians responsibility to keep their instrument clean. If you don't clean and maintain your horn, sooner or later it will not function properly and probably stop working. In this blog, we will go over four things you need to clean your instrument.

This being said, there are a few different types of players on the sax when it comes to cleanliness. It is important to know what kind of player you are so you understand the frequency of major maintenance on your instrument.

Bonus Video

Watch the video below about the 5-Ways to clean your saxophone and subscribe to the Saxophone Workshop YouTube channel to learn more about the saxophone.

Continuing on with the reason why you should keep your saxophone clean. Some players are “wet” players meaning they blow air with more condensation and ‘spit’ than others. Other players are “dry” players and you guessed it - they do not have as much condensation or ‘spit’ in their horn after playing. Wet players have to pay particular attention to cleaning my horn after playing each time to protect the pads, keep the horn in good shape and ensure that the horn is clean and ready for the next time.

Cleaning the saxophone is not as easy as sticking a blue or yellow cloth thing down the instrument when you are done playing and calling it good. Having the proper cleaning tools is important to having a well maintained instrument. Watch the video below to hear more about more ways you can learn your saxophone.

Using the Instrument sham with a string and weight to clean your instrument after each time you play is the regular routine. Using the scrub brush to clean your mouthpiece typically happens every few months, depending on how bad your mouthpiece gets. However, the frequency of using the cloth to shine and keep fingerprints on your horn to a minimum is entirely up to you.

How often do you clean your saxophone?

Leave your answer below in the comments section below


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