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Maximizing Your Practice Sessions: Tips and Tricks for Better Results

Are your practice sessions getting stale? Do you dread practicing or have a hard time sticking to a schedule? Practicing the saxophone with the intent to become a great player can take a lot of time and thousands of hours practicing. While there is no way around NOT practicing scales, arpeggios and intervals - it is important to break away from the traditional practice routine.

As a new saxophone player, it can be difficult to keep your interest in learning to play the

horn. It can take some time to learn the notes and to build up confidence with playing. One method to building that confidence is to find a song that you like, and learn how to play it. This could be something you hear on the radio or a song from your personal collection, as long as you can find the sheet music you are ready to go!

When you are playing or practicing the saxophone by yourself, you really don't need to worry about what key the music is in. This being said, if you are searching for a song you hear on the radio, the notes and sheet music could be found in a guitar music book. From rock & roll to jazz and blues, figure out what you like to listen to, pick out one of your favorite songs and search for the sheet music to download or purchase. Once you have the sheet music of your favorite song, start practicing it! It doesn't matter if it sounds like it should or not, remember, the purpose of finding sheet music to a song you like is to motivate you to continue to practice the saxophone.

What is your favorite song to practice on the saxophone?

Leave your answer below in the comments below.


Practicing is an important way to improve and work on the skills it takes to become a great saxophone player. To help with this, the Saxophone Workshop has put together a practice routine outline to help you structure a meaningful and productive practice session. Click the button below to download your FREE practice outline


It is important to create a consistent routine and have the ability to track your progress. You can do this on a blank piece of paper or you can purchase the Saxophone Practice Log to improve your practice routine and track your progress. Click the link below to get your copy today.


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